About Us

My dear Noa and Ella,
You are my inspiration and motivation, thank you for sending me on an exciting and rewarding journey. 
After giving birth to you both, my skin has changed.
I started suffering from acne, sunspots, hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity. Suddenly, I found myself covering up my inevitable aging with makeup and foundation. 
After trying out many brands and dermatologists, I was unable to get the results I was looking for.
I realized that I was not alone in this, and that is when the idea of Noella was born. 
I set out on a long journey to find the most advanced skin care solutions,
designed to improve and defy aging skin without invasive treatments. 
Through teaming up with the best laboratories on the West Coast and using high-performance ingredients from all over the world- we have developed a line of innovative products that resulted in uniquely effective formulas. 
Using the right ingredients, in the right formulas, and motivated by dedication and determination to launch a skincare system that not only works but rather transforms. Just like how you both have transformed me.